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This publication has been developed by Eurocarers, in cooperation with the European Cancer Patient Coalition, and the European Association for Palliative Care.

Some of this content is based on information provided by Macmillan Cancer Support.
Contact: Claire Champeix

Eurocarers wish to thank for their contribution to this project: Charlotte Argyle (Macmillan Cancer Support); Alex Filicevas (ECPC); Pf. Elizabeth Hanson (Eurocarers); Petra Hoogendoorn; Julie Ling, Irene Murphy and Man-Britt Guldin (EAPC); Alison Penny (National Bereavement Alliance, UK); and the members of Eurocarers’ Research Working Group.

We also thank very warmly the informal carers of a person affected by cancer who kindly accepted to share their experience.

Eurocarers gratefully acknowledges the support of Merck, and Pfizer in producing this toolkit. The scope and the content of this toolkit are the sole responsibility of Eurocarers.

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Brussels, 2018.

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