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Eurocarers’ toolkit for people caring
for a person affected by cancer
…and for people caring for a person
affected by breast cancer in particular

Diagnosis of cancer is striking and unexpected ― it turns upside down the whole life, plans, values1

If you are taking care of a relative or friend affected by cancer, you may have a lot of questions about cancer and what it means for your loved one as well as yourself. You may find it difficult to face the situation, both emotionally and practically.

No matter whether you are taking care of your relative full-time or from time to time, at a distance or in is/her presence, we have developed this “toolkit” with you in mind. And even though it may not answer all of your questions, we hope that it will:

– Provide you with some key information
– Help you to take stock of the situation
– Encourage you to evaluate and organise the support you may need

As a relative of a person affected by cancer, you play a key role in her/his life. Supporting them through this ordeal can be a personal source of satisfaction, though it also creates its own set of challenges.

People taking care of a loved one affected by a chronic disease or a disability are referred to as “informal carers”. It is estimated that there are more than 100 million informal carers in Europe.

This ‘Cancer Carers’ Toolkit builds on the experience and knowledge of informal carers looking after people with cancer, as well as cancer patients and health professionals throughout the European Union. It is based on research and evidence, and is in line with the recommendations made at the EU level by the cancer community.

In addition, the Country information sheets provide details about your rights and the support available to cancer carers in a number of countries.

“A diagnosis creates tension in the family – you need time to recuperate and think through the new roles, new perspectives, new challenges. Furthermore, it is essential to understand the prognosis and the current stage of cancer diagnosed.”

million informal carersin Europe

1 All quotes have been gathered through a survey and interviews of informal carers of a person with cancer conducted by Eurocarers between November and December 2017.

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